Real, ethical, local. The economy gets closer to you

Through the circuit you can promote your business in an innovative way, in synergy and with the support of many small and medium-sized businesses like yours. Do not let liquidity shortages stop you. Transform the productive potential of your enterprise in additional liquidity immediately usable to reduce your business costs, to make investments and make your enterprise more attractive and efficient.

Real, ethical, local. The economy gets closer to you


Simple, innovative and advantageous

No interest on loans in Commercial Credit Sardex. No transaction fee. Real-time payments. A range of services tailored for you. A staff of professionals at your side to make you get immediately the most benefit from your participation in the circuit.

New forms of collaboration

Every day many small and medium-sized enterprises find in the circuit an open and new space where to create new partnerships capable not only of strengthening the individual companies but also the entire chain. You also create new synergies, partnerships and sector agreements by increasing the strength of your company and its market presence.