Your complementary market in
6 simple steps represents in fact a complementary and supplementary market for all member companies. doesn’t replace your current market but it is actually additional to it. It enables you to optimize your productive capacity, to set free your precious liquidity, and to avail yourself of a novel and inexpensive financing and marketing tool, capable of rendering your company more efficient and competitive right from the start.



Participating in is easy: fill in the form on our site and you will be contacted by our staff on the ground.


Now you're ready to start!

Acquiring new customers, increasing your sales and saving cash is simple with Choose how to start and begin immediately doing business!

Start buying

Buy what you need even before selling anything, you will repay it interest-free by selling your goods and services to other members of the Circuit.

Start selling!

Increase your market share, your customer base and your revenue. Transform your stocks and your unused labour hours into an immediately available liquidity.

Make yourself known!

Promote your business through the advertisements, the newsletter and the other tools provided by reach hundreds of new customers right from the start.


Use the Sardex Credits you’ve collected to slash your business costs and to purchase what you and your company need.


Increase your savings

Integrate Sardex into your everyday operations, please contact the Circuit before any purchase, collaborate actively with the other members and with our staff: the advantages will grow day by day.


Grow with us

The more the Circuit grows, including new businesses, the bigger will the benefits be for you and the other members. Promote actively the growth of the Circuit, join now thousands of companies and professionals like you. Let’s build together tomorrow’s Island.